How do I disable Access Protection temporarily via McAfee VirusScan Enterprise?

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McAfee antivirus offers intense security services for enterprises and businesses. Such a product plan is McAfee ViruseScan Enterprise. The program helps to prevent undesired modifications to your computer by limiting access to defined ports, documents and folders, shares, and registry keys and values. Besides such advanced features, users also have all-time accessibility of McAfee customer support.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

There are times when users may require disabling Access Protection on a temporary basis. To perform troubleshooting, users may need to go through a complex process. The easiest way to disable Access Protection is to get instructions direct by an expert from McAfee customer support team. Alternatively, you can perform the steps below.

Please note that if ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) manages your computer, McAfee Access Protection option will automatically be enabled in the next policy enforcement.

Do the following to disable McAfee Access Protection Feature:

  1. Double-Click on McAfee icon to go to the main interface
  2. Click Programs > McAfee, VirusScan Enterprise
  3. Go to VirusScan Console from the options
  4. Now, click right on the Access Protection
  5. As more options appear, choose Disable
    1. Do not close the Console window for a while
  6. Do the setting changes as per the advice, which is given in the McAfee Knowledgebase
    1. In case of any complexity, connect with McAfee customer support
    2. You can also turn on or allow McAfee Access Protection
  7. Click The Start button and expand All Programs
  8. Click McAfee and then select VirusScan Enterprise
  9. Open McAfee VirusScan Console
  10. Right-click on the Access Protection panel and then click Enable

You successfully made the changes. In case you come across any error, get in touch with McAfee support by calling on McAfee Support number. The expert executives will respond to your query instantly and render you the simplest instructions to fix the problem.


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